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Our Leadership

Janet Hellner-Burris



Janet is the senior pastor of the Christian Church of WIlkinsburg, a community chaplain and organizer in the community for over 26 years.


Email:  pastorjanethb@gmail.com


Phone:  412-241-3556

Thomas Mitchell, Jr.



Tom an associate minister at the Covenant Church of Pittsburgh.  He is the head of the Community Chaplain's program and has a vital ministry to the prisons around the state.


Email:  thmitchelljr@gmail.com


Phone:  412-731-6221 ext. 220

Rita Platt



Rita is the senior minister of the South Avenue United Methodist Church.  She is in charge of all of our financial records.   She is an active member of the Rotary and serves on the board of the Wilkinsburg Community Ministry.


Email:  revrita6@hotmail.com


Phone:  412-371-7142

Nancy Chalfant-Walker



Nancy is the senior pastor of the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.  She is not only our invaluable secretary, but she is the lead contact for the Art and Talent Show for Peace and the Block Party for Peace.  Nancy is one or our Community Chaplains.


Email:  nanojon@gmail.com


Phone:  412-243-6100

2016-17 Board Members

Evelyn Christie - St. James Roman Catholic Parish

Paulette Davis - Director of Family Support Center and member of El Bethel Temple

Mary Ann  Hvizdos - Director of Blessed are the Educators

Carol Calloway - Retired University of Pittsburgh, elder of Christian Church of Wilkinsburg

Frank Tillman - Youth ministry assistant for Christian Church of Wilkinsburg


Ex officio members:


Mayor John Thompson - Mayor of Wilkinsburg


Chief Cookie Coleman - Chief of the Wilkinsburg Police

Our Partners

Steve Hellner-Burris - Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

Melvin El - Representative Ed Gainey's Office

Dave DiDonato - Pastor of Bible Chapel

George Spencer - Mad Dads

Kelly Smith - Pastor of Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church

Sue Thorn - Pittsbugh Impact Interfaith Network

Rob Conroy - Ceasefire PA

Justin Forzano - Cameroon Football Association

Linda Kirkland-Law - Minister at Calvary Baptist Church

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