Our Programs

Art and Talent Show for Peace



Once a year the Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project challenges the youth of our community to create peace.

Youth in grades 6-12 submit artwork or perform in dance, rap, singing and poetry.  All youth are given a $50 stipend for participating. 

Block Party for Peace



In late-May, early-June, the Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project hosts a community block party for peace.  Community organizations and businesses are invited to share with the community while youth play carnival games and participate in a basketball competiton.  Free food, hair cuts, photographs and other services are provided.

Community Chaplains



Each chaplain is a licensed or ordained minister of a congregation in Wilkinsburg.  Chaplains are credentialed by the Willkinsburg Police Department and participate in regular trainings.  The mission of the chaplains is to provide a pastoral presence in response to a critical incident in our community resulting in serious injury or loss of life to the residents of Wilkinsburg.

Meet the Beat Cops



In parternship with Ceasefire PA, the Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project hosts conversations between the Wilkinsburg Police Department, youth and leaders in the community.  The purpose of these conversations is to build relationships between the Police Department and the community.

Operation Light on Franklin



Operation Light on Franklin was in direct response to the tragic shooting on March 9 at Franklin Avenue.  The project was a partnership with Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation and the Wilkinsburg Youth Project to board up abandoned homes and to provide repairs to the facade and exteriors of the homes on the 1300 and 1400 block of Franklin Avenue.

Prayer Vigils



Whenever there is a loss of life, the Wilkinsburg Community Chaplains gather for a prayer vigil with the community to provide comfort and hope.

Summer Youth Internships



Each summer the Wiklinsburg Sanctuary Project provides jobs for 6 weeks for youth aged 14-18.  For the past three summers, these jobs have been part of the Learn and Earn program of the Wilkinsburg Youth Project which provides jobs in the areas of mentoring children, media, gardening and construction.

Teens and Greens



Through the summer jobs program, youth learn about gardening, nutrition and food shortages.  They build, plant and harvest a garden at the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - one of our Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project partners.

Youth Training



Following the successful first-aid training, "When Critical Seconds Count", which trained nearly 1000 youth across Allegheny County, the Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project is offering a new training called "Get Home Safely" which uses a DVD created by youth on six rules for getting home safely.

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