Community Chaplains


To provide a pastoral pressence in reponse to a critical incident in our community resulting in serious injury or loss of life to the residents of Wilkinsburg.

The chaplains, also, are available to meet confidentially with first responders in the police and fire departments.


Who are the Chaplains?

The chaplains are credentialed and trained by the Wilkinsburg Ministerial Association and the Wilkinsburg Police Department.  Each chaplain is a licensed or ordained minister of a congregation in Wilkinsburg.  The chaplains report directly to the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Wilkinsburg.  There are always two chaplains on call each week in case one cannot respond quickly because of ministerial dudties.  Each chaplain has an identification badge which they will show upon request.


Services Provided

- Pastoral presence in times of emergency for support and comfort

- Visitation with families and individuals following a critical incident

- Prayed, if desired - never required

- Referrals for counseling and social services


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