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Saving our Youth to Save our Community

Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project Dedicated to Ending Youth Violence

On a stormy Thursday in Wilkinsburg, Janet Hellner-Burris stepped out of the rain on Wallace Avenue and into the doors of the Christian Church of Wilkinsburg, where she's served as a pastor since 1990. 

Once inside, Hellner-Burris began climbing the staircase, gesturing upwards a flight to an open door that leads into a small gymnasium with a hardwood floor...

You Can Go Through Horrible Things, But You Can Shine, Too: Wilkinsburg One Year Later 

Franklin Avenue in Wilkinsburg is a mostly uneventful place these days.

“It’s been quiet,” said Jackie Pendleton, who’s lived in the borough northeast of Pittsburgh for 34 years. “It’s been quiet since that incident took place down the street.”

The “incident” was an ambush-style backyard shooting that left five adults, including a pregnant woman, dead on March 9, 2016...

We are a faith-based, grassroots effort

to end youth violence

and restore hope to our streets.


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